• How do I get myself registered?

You can register online here

  • What if I’m not able to make online payments?

Reach out to solstice2017@isb.edu for assistance.

  • What if I have been reached out by Office of Alumni Engagement for registration?

If you have already paid and registered through the Office of Alumni Engagement, you need not register online again.

  •  Can I bring my family along with me?

Yes, we would love to have your family. Request you to register for them accordingly.

  •  Can I get my friend registered along with me?

Yes, you can get your friend. However, mention whether or not he/she is an alum.

  • What is the registration fee?

Early Registration (on or before Dec 10, 2017)

Alum – INR 3000

Spouse/Significant other – INR 2500

Child – INR 1500 (10 yrs & above – 18 years) , INR 2500 (18 years & above)

Spot Registration

Alum - INR 4000

Spouse/Significant other – INR 3000

Child – INR 1500 (10 yrs & above – 18 years), INR 2500 (18 years & above)

*GST Applicable (18%)

  • Does the registration fee include accommodation also?

No. The registration fee doesn’t include accommodation.

  • What are the options for accommodation during Solstice?
  • What are the inclusions in my registration fee?

Entry into ISB Campus, access to all events, all meals & a welcome kit(only to alums) on Dec 22, 2017.

  • Can I register on spot?

Yes, you can spot register. However, we cannot guarantee you any accommodation on campus.

  • What is the procedure for spot registration?

You have to head to the registration desk and produce your alumni ID card to the concerned team who will in turn process your registration upon payment of aforementioned registration fee as applicable. You will be given a welcome kit(only to alums), if there is any accommodation available, you can avail the same by paying applicable fee.

  • What is the applicable fee if my spouse/significant other is also an alum?

If your spouse/significant other is also an alum, then the registration fee will be equal to that of an alum. Please choose this option while registering.

  • How can I register a nanny who is accompanying us?

If you are bringing a nanny along with you, please get her registered at our offline registration desk at the main gate entrance.

  • Is there a limit on number of people whom I can bring to the event?

Since it is a closed event, it is open to alumni & families only. In case your family is not joining you then you can get one of your friends.

  • What is the registration fee applicable for nanny?

The registration fee applicable for nanny is same as that of spouse/significant other.

  • Can I register for my spouse/ significant other or children or friend after few days of my registration?

Yes, you can register for your spouse/ significant other or children or friend/s after few days of your registration, by clicking here (hyperlink to Already registered? page)

  • How can I book my accommodation?

You can book your accommodation while registering for the event.

  • I forgot to book registration previously. Can I book it on later date?

Yes you can book your accommodation on later date subject to their availability.

  • Can I change my accommodation preference post registration?

Yes, provided you either register or cancel your spouse/ significant other/ children or friend.

  • Is there an option of spot registration for accommodation?

No, there isn’t an option of spot registrations for accommodation given the limited accommodations available on campus. However, request you to check at the registration desk on availability.

  • Will you assist us with off-campus accommodation?

Details of our hospitality partners, if any, will be updated on Solstice website.

  • My friend and I have registered separately. Can we be put together?

If the friend is an Alumni, both can be sorted out for the arrangement of putting them together if intimated prior. If they intimate us during the event day, it will not be possible.

  • Can I cancel my accommodation for some reason?

Yes, you can cancel on or before Dec 10, 2017 and the refund will be processed after 6 weeks from the date of Solstice 2017.

  • What is the last date for cancellation?

The last date of cancellation is Dec 10, 2017.

  • Will you refund my full amount if I cancel?

The refund amount will be equal to that of the amount paid for that respective registration & accommodation provided you cancel on before Dec 10, 2017.

  • Can I do partial cancellation of either my spouse/significant other or children or friend?

Yes, you can cancel the registration of your spouse/significant others or children or friend provided you cancel on before Dec 10, 2017.

  • How will the money be refunded?

The refund money will be sent to you through a Demand Draft/ Online transfer to your postal address/ bank account.

  • When will I be refunded?

The amount will be refunded after 6 weeks from the date of Solstice 2017.


For more queries on anything related to Solstice 2017, please write to solstice2017@isb.edu